My Father Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor

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When I was 17 years old, my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Without a doubt it was an event which marked my life and helped me mature in many aspects. I witnessed how my father began to lose his cognitive functions like his ability to focus, changes in his personality, behavior and emotions. This was the first time that I felt interested in learning how the brain process the information and motivated to learn more regarding this disease in order to help him. After my father passed away, my mother fell into a depression so I began to search for ways to improve her emotional state by reading books and magazines on the subject. Without the support of my father and the drastic change in my life, I understood that the only way to improve my quality of life was to study and find the passion to which I was going to dedicate the rest of my life. After careful thought, I decided to move to the United States. Leaving my family, I came to this country in search of knowledge, contacts and “greater opportunities”. During these years, I have been confronted with many obstacles, but I have been able to resolve them thanks in part to my dedication. When it comes to achieving my goals, I find it in myself to push myself until that goal it met. I consider that there is no lack of opportunities for someone that believes in their capabilities and is aware that nothing comes without sacrifice, meaning that hard work and dedication are required in order to achieve goals. When I
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