My Father Was The First Time I Broke The Rules

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The last time I saw my father was the first time I broke the rules. Although I was almost 16 years old, I never dared to disobey my dad’s strict laws he had laid down once my mother disappeared. I never slept at a friend’s house, never attended a party, and always brought nutritious lunches to school; however, good girls can’t be good forever. I had been devising my plans for weeks and finally felt ready to escape the bubble my dad trapped me in. Now that I think about it, I might’ve needed to run away from myself, not my dad. Nevertheless, at 5:00 am, a whole hour before my father usually awoke, my alarm clock started belting out Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s which coincidentally is my favorite song. I thought that was a definite good luck sign for the long days to follow, but I was desperately mistaken. Groping for the off button, I recalled the mission I had bestowed upon myself and a rush of adrenaline flowed through my body. My heart was beating abnormally fast and sweat was forming on my hairline already. There was a slight pang of regret in my heart and I almost considered abolishing my plan. Almost. Before I had the chance to change my mind, I scrambled for the faded pink t-shirt and old jeans I had left on my chair. Picking up my bag, a flower-patterned, small duffel that belonged to my mom, I silently tip-toed down the hall and peeked into my dad’s room. He was snoring lightly and lying on his side facing me. He looked so peaceful dozing on the right of the…
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