My Father Was a Paradox Essay

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I'll miss my father, I already miss him, greatly... I'll miss his stories, his laughter, the fire of his opinions, and especially the quiet strength of him. Yet, I think it's one of the truths of the world that the people we miss the most are also the ones that we can't miss, because we carry so much of them with us. My father was something of a paradox. On the one hand he stands out in my mind for his stories, his wit, and the fire of his opinions. Anyone who's argued with him, and that's quite a few of us, knew that he had strong opinions and argued them with zeal. On the other hand, at the same time, he was a quiet man, who kept a lot of what he felt on the inside, someone who taught more by example than by lecture. Did he…show more content…
We never discussed it again, but what he said affected me all my life. For questions like that he didn't teach by giving me the answers, but by getting me to ask the questions and answer them myself.   I'll never, in this life at least, be able to go to him for any more answers, but as long as I live, I'll do what he taught me... ask the questions, think, and find my own answers. And in my heart and in my memory, he'll be there by example, guiding me. And with him will be his stories. He was full of stories. There was nothing he didn't have a story or a joke for. And he was always such a wonderful subject for stories.   I cannot forget his tale about sneaking into the doctor's office with his friend  so they could memorize the eye chart and pass the medical exam to join the Navy. Stories that end with a father looking down at a little boy, dazed, scared and bruised and saying simply, "Don't do that. You could hurt yourself." Stories about the man who unscrewed the table leg that came between him and the pretty woman sitting next to him at a dinner party. Stories about the fellow, out sailing, faced with bad weather rolling in who looks up and yells, "Knock it off, Lord." only to have the weather roll away. Stories about anchors thrown overboard before they were tied to the anchor rode.   I could tell stories about that man

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