My Father Writes His Story

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“My Father Writes His Story” “Western” and “Eastern” countries differ in many different ways. They both have their own history, culture and traditions. They also differ by how “Western” and “Eastern” people present themselves and tell stories about themselves. Me, being from a Western country, one of the values being very important to me is my heritage. I enjoy letting others know, where I was born and raised, because it makes me proud and it makes me “different” from the rest. Telling people where I am originally from is a very popular story, however I only tend to share this particular story with people I am comfortable with. I was born and raised in Germany. My parents raised me bilingual. My dad spoke mostly English with me, my mom and the rest of my environment spoke German. In 2013, by the age of 25, I moved the United States, in particular to Massachusetts. It is part of the “Eastern” culture to talk about their heritage. Jen points out in her father’s biography that even to this day, he enjoys telling his students that he is originally from China and he describes in “striking length” and in “striking detail” what the family house looked like back in China (Jen, 2013). Another value that is very important to me is my family. My family plays a big role in my life, since they have taught me all my cultural values, such as respect for elderly. When I tell funny and embarrassing childhood stories about myself, I usually share these with family members or with really
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