My Father 's House Foundation

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My Father’s House Foundation
When I first started my journey at Oklahoma State University I had no idea of the adventures and learning experiences that I would embark on. Little did I know it was the beginning on a life changing experience. From the very beginning I always had a passion for working for families, children, and the community. I’ve been selfless for as long as I can remember, and I have always believed that if I continued to be that person I would never give up on my goals or the desires that have to make a change on my campus as well as my community. When I chose to major in Human Development and Family Sciences I knew that I would have to complete an internship my Junior or Senior year. I had no idea how I was going to find one or how I was going to prepare for it; but my professors, fellow peers, and especially my academic advisor supported me and help guide me to finding my internship. As I approached my Senior checklist and final enrollment appointment I was explain to my academic advisor that I was worried about finding an internship in order to complete my degree requirements. She quickly calmed me and explained to me that she may have an answer for me. She passed along a quick background and some contact information and the following week I met my site supervisor.
I was very pleased to announce that I was approved and would be interning at My Father’s House Children’s Foundation (The Foundation). My Father’s House Children’s Foundation’s

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