My Father 's Role Model

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I thrive from being held to a higher standard. I grew up in a household full of responsibilities. I assumed various roles. I took on roles such as: caregiver, babysitter, tutor, provider, mentor, protector, advisor, hairdresser, chef, supporter, promoter and eventually role model. My mother is a courageous woman that gave birth to fourteen healthy children. This has caused her to have major health concerns. She was not stable enough to raise all fourteen of her children. My father works constantly to be able to support this large family. Of me and my six older siblings, I was the chosen one. My parents believed that I was the child who possessed the skills necessary to properly raise my seven younger siblings until my mom was able to do so.
At the young age of eleven, I was taught how to efficiently clean a house, how to prepare large meals over the stove, how to awaken my younger siblings early in the morning and prepare them for school, and how to prepare for the next day. I felt like an important part of my family’s everyday life. Each morning I would wake up and wake all of my younger siblings up. Then I would cook breakfast as they each got ready. Before walking my siblings to the bus stop, I would make sure everyone’s appearance was nice and school appropriate. I would then return home and get ready for school myself. After school, I returned home to check my siblings’ homework. Not only did I take the time to make sure it was correct, but I also made sure my siblings…

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