My Fathers, And The Prophets, Do They Live Forever?

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What is a fathers “responsibility”? Is it to nurture, or is it to provide, maybe even he could do both? In the novel Your Fathers, Where Are They, and the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? Dave Eggers, describes trivial emotional and mental repercussions that occur when there is an absence of a father figure. Sons and daughters alike, any disconnection with a meaningful individual, supposedly relatable in blood, would bring question and concern. A fathers’ relationship and support can be beneficial to any child’s growth. Giving children a solid basis of what kinds of responsibilities go along with being an adult and showing them compassion individualism and what it means to “be a man” is important. Before going any further in the discussion, all opinions and statements are coming from a female perspective and are to be understood and considered equal to a son and father perspective or relationship as well. America, created by our Founding Fathers’, from soil to skyscrapers in present time. What did these men do? Traveled from corners of the earth in search of potential; any child is the same. Devotion, integrity, and a sense of honor and duty, isn’t that what is thought of to be a good father. Or just a good man. The standard of values has diminished and the sense of responsibility to teach others has also decreased. Where is the passion to continue to see growth in another individual? Seeing the devotion in teachers is inspiring, but the absent fathers and the ones that
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