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My view on "My Father's Chinese Wives" How ironic that even when someone like Caitlin's father who's history of being selfish and cheap I his previous marriages could attract so many young talented ambitious women into matrimony. As the Chinese mom's daughters reflect on their stained memories of how their father treated their own mother, they relive how much anger and hostility they harbor for his role, or lack of, in being the head of their family. They not only tried to forget the details of their upbringing but they feared for the future if the possible wife he sought after. When the mail arrived from China in response to his quest for a new wife, it's almost like these women were desperate to leave their mainland and come to America…show more content…
Did the women even stop to consider that their future husband might not measure up to their dreams? As the sisters share their thoughts of their fathers track record with his last wife, did they even consider that there may actually be perfect match for their father that would restore family unity and change their father into loving, caring, understanding husband, and family man? With all the emotional roller coasters blazing into terms, it turns out that the past did predict the future. Their father continued his un-successful traits in the application of "how to treat a spouse" and reaped what he had sown.
Why would he choose to be this kind of man, which was so strict about what his wives did and you would almost think that since he had been married so many times then word would get around that he didn't do so good with his wives. Do you think that he ever imagined that this would affect his children the way it did?

At age 70, he had successful marketed himself to more than just a few possible candidates. Although his pitch was effective, marked high possessed no solid effectiveness to ensure that he could maintain that relationship he desired. Once again he is alone. The question is will he continue to search for Mrs. Right or will he exist in solitude for the remainder of his days on earth

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