My Father's Concern For A Sports Team

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When my mother's water broke, my father was anxious to see his newborn son. As he laid eyes on me, his first born child, he claimed, " A girl? Why a girl? Put her back where she came from!" When my mother recalled this story, I cried. I finally understood why my father looks down upon me. He believes that I am less than the boy he expected to have.

To compensate for his disappointment, I became a tomboy. By 4th grade, I was officially one of the “guys”. I was always the first one to be chosen for a sports team. I wore loose pants, tied my hair up in a ponytail and I was never afraid to get bruises and scratches on my porcelain skin. By 5th grade I wanted to show my dad how “manly” I could be and decided to work with him at his office.

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