My Fathers Kidnapping By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichies And The Money By Junot Diaz

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In the essays, “My Fathers Kidnapping” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichies and “The Money” by Junot Diaz one can infer that the author of both stories hold a similar message which is the power of loyalty and family will sometimes overcome the power of money. This is a very interesting point that is clearly seen in both works because it is unusual that love wins over money. The love of money is known as the root of all evil and both of these essays contradict that well know statement. Although, both stories tell of a family that was faced with different monetary problems, the obstacles were overcome in different ways. "The Money" is about a boy who finds out that his so-called friends stole his mother 's money that she sends to her parents so that they can survived in Santa Domingo. When he finds out that his friends stole the money, he realizes it is his fault because he ran his mouth to his buddies about the money, and he feels guilty. He takes it upon himself to go get the money back only to come home to an unappreciative mother. In "My Fathers Kidnapping" the author 's father, who was a prominent man in his community, was kidnapped. In order for him to be released there was a ransom that had to be paid. The community came together and got the ransom and the father was realized. The father was so thankful for everyone’s efforts. He tried to act strong for his family and even kid around about the kidnapping but he is still not relieved and he never will be. The author felt

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