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For this assignment, I will pay homage to my favorite artist of all time (FAOAT) Salvador Dali; after all he taught me to read. Vividly, I remember the summer of 76. I was waiting for Sesame Street to start, when suddenly a black and white program came on with an audience clapping and flashes from photography. In walks a man with the cane, he had crazy eyes, a weird mustache, and he just sat down on a chair, another man put his leg on a chair and started playing an awful sounding guitar, and the third guy started horribly singing, but I could not understand the words. I am sure it was the first time I ever heard a foreign language. The crazy eye mustache guy, got up from the chair and pulled what I thought was a crayon from his pocket and drew two circles on the canvas, then sat back down. About 30 seconds later he got up and took twice as long to draw a third circle and sat back down. Glued to the television set, waiting to see what the artist did next. To my amazement, he took half of the time he previously used and turned the canvas into a horse, stepped back and stabbed a hole through it and when he sat back down, somehow, he had a baby leopard under his chair he picked it up and petting it. The whole thing; from start to finish lasted about five minutes and he never finished the sketch, but I was mesmerized and a fan for life. My uncle told me it was Salvador Dali and gave me a huge book of his Art. That summer was dedicated to studying the pictures, mostly because I

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