My Favorite Book To Read A Book

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I enjoy reading non-fiction books because I love learning about real world phenomena. The kinds I mostly read are physics, chemistry, U.S. history, and English. At times, it gets difficult to remember and comprehend the information. After when I finish a chapter, I go back and review what I learned. Sometimes, I feel to just keep reading until the end of the chapter unit, but I generally go for at least two hours. One of my favorite physics’ book to read is, “The Joy of Science” by Robert M. Hazen. In it were different branches of physics and their applications to the modern world like: optical illusions, momentum, etc. In the chemistry one, I read about the general principles, patterns, and applications of molecules and atoms. U.S. history took a while for me to understand because of the transition of time periods. The English one is probably one of my best one because mostly it teaches me about to write a better essay. The different topics in it are: clarity, word choice, organization, and mechanics. Often times I read short stories because they are easy to understand and it feels great to take a break from education. My favorite short story from Edgar Allan Poe is, “The Tell-Tale Heart.”
Last summer, I began to read a lot because I wanted to see if I can make myself a goal on how much I read. I found some pdf’s online on: physics, chemistry, U.S. history, and English. I got two of each and started on the physics one. It only took about a month to finish it and then I
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