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After being asked to write an essay about my preferred career It was necessary for me to seriously consider my future life and career. Many ideas about what I want to do in life have been floating around in my head for the past few years. While I am interested in a number of career options, I have decided that the best career for me resides in the film industry. I have always had an interest in the creation of movies and I have always loved to watch movies. Watching Star Wars for most of my life has definitely contributed to my love of films. I also have acquired a love of making films by trying it myself. My friends and I have made multiple short films in the past and I loved it. I realized that I can do what I love to do professionally…show more content…
(Creative There are many available options for schooling and technical training for this ntype of a career. Aspiring directors may pursue a bachelor's degree program in fine arts, film or another related field. The programs usually will last about four years and offer directing concentrations which will help students develop skills such as casting, rehearsal procedures, text analysis, acting techniques and camera application. Students also learn how to create and use storyboards, shoot script and brackets. Common courses include film history, story-telling, screenwriting and production. To gain directing experience students are typically required to participate in a set number of collaborative student film projects as a part of their classwork. ( Most film schools will strongly encourage internships within the film industry in order to develop technical skills and understand the in's and out's of film production. Internships also help students build a network of contacts, which can be essential to career growth in the film industry. Master's degree programs in the fine arts are typically three years in length and help film makers to develop their own voices as directors. Directing programs will often focus on management skills, helping directors to oversee people across many different areas of

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