My Favorite Character in The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

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What would you do if your family lost everything that they ever owned? This question seems impossible, yet so many families during the depression were forced to come up with an answer. Many families went west because they were promised job opportunities and fair wages. However, when the families made it to the west they found that there was a limited number of jobs and they had come too late. John Steinbeck takes readers back to this depression era in his novel The Grapes of Wrath. This novel was so powerful that it was eventually made into a movie. The Movie starts with Tommy Joad, who has just been paroled for the state penitentiary in Oklahoma, getting a ride back to his family’s farm. Once he gets there he finds out that his family was forced off of their land and they have decided to go west. He finds them at his uncle’s house the day before they plan to start their journey. His grandparents don’t want to leave because even thought it belonged to the government, they feel that the land they farmed is theirs. Once they are on the road they feel optimistic about the future until Grandpa Dies because leaving Oklahoma was more than he could take. After this they receive their first bad news about going west. At one camp they stay at they find out that there are more hand bills sent out than jobs and this scares them a lot because they have gone too far to turn back. They make it to California, but Grandma dies on the way there. Once they are there they find a camp run by

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