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Ever since I could remember, my favorite class as fluctuated from year to year until I reached high school. In elementary school, I dreaded science class because coming up with a topic for the science project was frustrating. When I was younger, I enjoyed language arts class primarily for the grammar lessons and discussion lectures on books, but in high school, keeping up with the readings were overwhelming. For instance, one time it took me one hour to read five pages of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, which proved that my speed for reading comprehension was incredibly slow. Besides that, I have always hated writing assignments due to the limited time, hand cramps, smudged pen work, and especially the subjective grading. When high…show more content…
I felt like I had no right to feel this way, because many kids beg to have the opportunities I am having. That’s when English 1101 became an outlet to help me express and cope with these new challenges of life.
Registering for an English 1101 class, I would never have thought my writing was remotely exceptional. On the first day of class, we had to write these diagnostic essay (I wrote about picking my major) to see where we were at in our writings. The day I received the essay back was the moment where I truly considered the being a writer. Besides my grammar and spelling errors my teacher, Mrs. Emma Perry, wrote “very powerful and emotionally descriptive writing - are you sure you don’t want to be an English Major?!” I have never really considered it before but I’ve always had a guilty pleasure for becoming a blogger, news anchor (my inspiration came from Nancy Grace and Robin Meade), and even one day writing my own memoir. I could remember when I was younger being so shy to speak up that in my mind I would imagine acting out interviews and seminars. It wasn’t until that moment where I truly considered becoming an English major. From henceforth, I began reading the Red and Black newspaper, writing with great passion in every essay and improving my communications methods. Realizing this new passion for writing and being in my detached

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