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7. What I liked, disliked, and would change about the class Overall, the class has been an incredible experience. I will truly never forget the lessons that I have learned, the friends that I have made, and the people that I have helped and gotten to know. The class is a great opportunity and I think that anyone who is able to take it should at least consider it. Although there were most definitely some struggles throughout the year, I will not deny that I enjoyed the majority of the year. It has been a wonderful year filled with wonderful memories and programs. With that being said, there are a few things that I might like to change. Firstly, I think that it would be a good idea for more specific standards to be set by the teachers at…show more content…
It was during that time that we were able to get so much done, yet some people this year rarely ever stayed after. To require future peer leaders to do so would be a good idea. In addition to before and after school, I think that standards should be set for ⅚ and ⅞. This year there were a lot of people who brought friends in during ⅚. Although it can be fun to have friends in your class with you and at times they were helpful, those friends were often a distraction from the work that we really needed to get done during that period. Although I just listed a lot of improvements, the year was generally a great one. There were so many activities and opportunities that I enjoyed and am thankful for. The class gets better and better each year and I am excited to see how it is for next year’s peer leaders.
8. How I will apply the material covered throughout the year in my future This class has taught me so so much. When it comes to sex, drugs, and teen issues, I tend to be pretty oblivious. I had always thought that the best way to live was to just avoid this information and to avoid people that are involved in those things. But then I realized - I am going college, I am getting older. I am going to have to face these challenges, so it is so important for me to know my values and know what I want in different situations. My head had been truly stuck in the sand when
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