My Favorite Class

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It’s the first day of Junior year and as most other kids my nerves were going crazy. As I walk through the crowded halls to my third class of the day, I can’t help but to feel excited for my first class in what turns out to be my favorite place in my entire school. Room 421 is one of the larger rooms in the technology education wing that contains dozens of pieces of high tech machinery. As I walk in the smell of wood immediately hit my nose and as I look around I can figure out why; every surface of the room was covered in a thin sheet of sawdust. As you walk in your attention is immediately drawn to the large wooden work tables that spanned about ten feet by ten feet each. Soon after examining the beaten and worn surface of the table my eyes started darting around the room at all the machines. I walked around the looking at all the pieces of machinery I had never seen before. The class began but I couldn’t help but to keep looking around the room at all the materials and wondering what I could make with them. A few days later into the school year my teacher Mr. Burton gave us a tour of the areas we were allowed to access and I was amazed once again. Through the year I noticed a few kids working on their own projects in the workshop with out any supervision. They were older and not part of the class. When I asked Mr. Burton what they were doing he told me they were part of a class called technology R&D. This class was a research and development class where students could
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