My Favorite Creative Element Is Imagery

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Writers are undoubtedly the connoisseurs of the linguistic world. The amazing thing about the written word is that it has no conviction; every literate human being has the same tools at their disposal and yet no two writers ever have the same flavor. I was fortunate enough to have recognized this at a young age. I immersed myself in all aspects of the written word: lyrics, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc. What has always excited me as a writer is my appreciation for the power that words can have on people. From Stephen King to Stephen Biko, every great writer that I have come across has further entrenched me in my passion for writing. My favorite creative element is imagery, thus my aspirations to write for film and television. Working…show more content…
He was a clean-shaven man with short brown hair and he wore a gray suit. Gregory scampered over from the wall of monitors to greet him.” (Marks 2) When I approach any piece of writing, I synthesize a movie in my head as I write. If I am writing a speech I picture myself at a podium reading, that is just how my brain works. My aim in any work is to create a relevant and vivid image that readers can latch onto. I felt that throughout the piece Wallace had an innate ability to put the reader in the moment. Throughout my readings I always find myself right with the narrative. My favorite/least favorite passage was the following: (the only reason it is both is because the imagery gave me sympathy pains) “The worst scalds seemed to be the right arm and shoulder, the chest and stomach 's red was fading to pink under the cold water and his feet 's soft soles weren 't blistered that the Daddy could see, but the toddler still made little fists and screamed except now merely on reflex from fear the Daddy would know he thought possible later, small face distended and thready veins standing out at the temples and the Daddy kept saying he was here he was here, adrenaline ebbing and an anger at the Mommy for allowing this thing to happen just starting to gather in wisps at his mind 's extreme rear still hours from expression.” (Wallace 1) It is evident that Wallace has taken the time to choose his words and that
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