My Favorite Exhibit At Mauthausen

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visiting competitors, there was a couple families who were coming to picnic on this field. The children were running, screaming, and just having the time of their lives. I felt it was not the right place for this type of activity. In fact in made me uncomfortable. Here I was trying to learn and respect the thousands of lives lost and impacted by this horrific time where countless immoral, inhumane that acts had been committed and here was the exact opposite. I do not know what those people were thinking, or how they feel about the Holocaust, but this scene outraged a group of us. I found the memorials and what is left of Mauthausen to be very educational. Our tour guide, Daniel reiterated many times that the citizens of Mauthausen were not oblivious to what was going on. They were not innocent victims of the Nazis. In fact many worked in the camp. The Room of Names was my favorite exhibit at Mauthausen. The hallways leading up to this room was filled with pictures and memories of prisoners. Seeing this and then seeing the Room of Names of all those who were murdered at this camp was depressing. Seeing pictures or videos of a memorial or place is just not as powerful as seeing it in person. When visiting a memorial, I feel as if your mind is more present and in the moment and therefore your focus is on what the memorial means and why it is there. When seeing an image or video on the Internet, it is just as easy to switch or close tabs if you are thinking of something else.…

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