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Every summer, I visit my grandma's cabin in Estes Park. We have many traditions, like hiking and going to the Old Fashioned Candy Shoppe. But one of my favorites is when we drive down to Fun City and do golf, go carts and the Super Slide! Golf is always fun. They have eighteen holes of hills and tunnels. I win occasionally. Oddly enough, my cousin, Bracken, wins a lot. And he is only four! He doesn't even aim! I win at go karts half the time, the other half I start behind them and can never seem to catch up! And the superslide! That thing is like a hundred feet tall! Not to mention the river! It is so beautiful; it splits the Fun City complex in half. The bumper boats, go karts, golf course, and arcade are on the far side. The two Super…show more content…
I had to spend most of my time working on height. I bounced probably twenty times to get my height back up.Then I performed my second flip! I tucked, leaned, and flipped before striking the tramp and doing it again. I lost enough momentum that I needed to bounce three times to regain height. I then flipped forward, lowering my bounce height yet again. As I bounced again, I felt a spray of water from the river hit my face, a smell of fish in the air. I fell again and bounced higher. I kept going as fast as I could, knowing my time was at least half way up. I flipped again and again, never stopping. I went and went. Forward, jump, back, jump, back, jump. Over and over and over. I eventually got high enough that I had to do a double flip. I flipped forward as I went up, and again as I went down. I barely made it before I hit the tramp. I bounced a few times to recover, then kept going, back, jump, forward, jump, back,jump, regain height, back, jump. I went on and on and on. I was almost out of time; I knew that. So I kept going. I had counted nineteen so far. I jumped twice, flipped, jumped, flipped. Then I felt the workers lowering me down. I managed one more before I was too low, and I kept jumping until was time to be unstrapped. I got off, a little wobbly and I walked to get my shoes and take off the harness. When I was done, I watched my sister, Alex, finish up. I saw her do five flips before they lowered her, one as they did,

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