My Favorite Experience In Life

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The adults always seemed to talk once I was across the room. As if the fifteen feet of distance between us inhibited my understanding of tone, and stress. When I saw Nana Sandy take the most of the stress, I would approach the adults and wait for my invitation to climb onto her armchair, into her lap; and it would always come. “Come here, Jovian,” she said with the softest smile on her face, arms held out. I would push myself off the ground, making it onto her lap, thanks to her support. Nana Sandy’s apartment was warm – not in temperature, but in feeling. Even when tension between the adults fell on my shoulders, there was no place I would rather be. The lighting was dim (to ease Nana Sandy’s headaches), and there was hardly anything typical to entertain a child with. But there were books, not academic books, but fun books. Two books in particular that she would read to me over and over, and I would never bore of. Nana Sandy had in her apartment a display of curious clown statuettes. I never asked why, but it made sense. People just have their things. Sundays have always been my favorite; despite never being the same, they are always somehow reliable, and steady. From my earliest childhood memories, to late middle school they always began the same way: late to church. “Wake up! We overslept,” my dad would say, turning on the ceiling fan and pulling the covers off my bed, because he knew it was the only way to get me up. “Do we have to go,” I would plead. “Of course, we
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