My Favorite Experience In Life

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I took a deep breath. I could hear casual laughter and murmurs as friends behind me quoted “classic” lines from Billy Madison. How could they be so nonchalant? My cue was coming up. What if I missed it? What if I tripped? What if I forgot my lines? Worse yet, what if the audience glimpsed past the façade of my gregarious character? What if they saw (and judged) the real me?

Somehow, through all my anxious chatter, I heard another voice in my head. The voice of my encouraging father and his cognitive psychology. “It’s not fear; it’s excitement! Fear and excitement produce the same biochemical, so they’re really the same thing. It’s just how you choose to view them.” I repeated the thought. “It’s not fear it’s excitement.” Slowly the pit in my stomach became an adrenaline rush. I heard my cue and stepped on stage.

Yes, I am in theater, or I was, but I wouldn’t consider myself a “theater person.” Sure, I enjoy classic movie nights of Monty Python, Spinal Tap, Mel Brooks and Donnie Darko. I enjoy my theater friends, and I enjoy theater itself along with all the other humanities, but I’m not very dramatic. In fact, I spend most of my life trying NOT to be reactive or dramatic. And, I don’t enjoy being the center of attention. I hate it.

As a child, I was so crippled by my shyness that whenever an adult (a waiter or a friend’s parent) would ask me a question, I would whisper my reply into my best friend’s ear. She served as an interpreter, or my spokesperson. By upper
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