My Favorite Experience In School

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Have you ever stepped up and did something you didn't think you could do? It may seem scary at first but once you do it for the first time it's not all that bad. Well it was an early summer day. It was my cousin Pepe and I, going to football practice. It was there were my cousin and his friends would make fun of me. I hated every part of it because I felt annoyed and I felt unwanted.

Well after practice we all stayed for a little bit just to horse around. We first started talking about what we were gonna do Friday. No one had any idea so Pepe asked if they wanted to have a pool party, and of course they all said yes because that day was going to be the hottest day of summer, reaching up to 114 degrees. They didn't hesitate because his house had everything. A built in pool, zipline, forts, and a BBQ pit. His parents were going to Mexico for a month so he had the whole house to himself. Friday came and my older sister dropped me off at his house around 10:00 in the morning. I would've walked right on in but his front door was locked so I knocked and right away opened the door. We started throwing meat on the grill while they all arrived. Once they all did they jumped into the pool as soon as they finished eating as did I.

Pepe started asking if they wanted to go on the zipline, the people that did all lined up to get on. All but me got on because I had broken my arm falling off it a year before. They seen that I didn't get on and they started laughing because Pepe was
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