My Favorite Experience Of Reading Essay

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In many eyes reading and writing has been a challenge. When I was younger I never seen reading and a challenge but i will agree on how much I despise it. Writing on the other hand was one of my easiest subjects. I could write for long periods of time without getting distracted. I would always tell myself “If only reading was this interesting.”
The earliest memory of reading I am able to think of, was in my pre-school reading as a class. “Green Eggs And Ham” by Dr. Seuss was the book that started the whole comprehensive level. The book made have wonderful joyful feeling inside. As my teacher was reading the book, her assistant teacher was actually making green eggs and ham. At the time my reaction was amazed, thinking “oh wow they’re actually real green eggs and ham”; not knowing about food coloring. The class was disgusted before they took the first bite, but soon after the first bite they all wanted seconds. During this time in my life I never was influenced to read, only read during school activities and time but the more I went to school it increased to be fun .As time went on , I slowly started to not feel interested in reading.
Not to long after, I started to read a grade level above my actual grade. My education level had then took a turn because writing started to come in the picture. Writing was my favorite thing to do at the time. My favorite memory was the worksheets where we had to trace the letters one by one. The easiest thing we could ever do,
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