My Favorite Film : Remember The Titans

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My favorite movie is ‘Remember the Titans’ it was composed by Trevor Rabin. This historical film was created in 2000 in September. As this movie is a symbolic showing of race and the movement of integration of whites and african-americans into public schools. With such a difficult topic to cover for these producers and others, the music was crucial to what the viewer needed to see to understand the situation and setting of the movie. Although this movie was about the racial inequalities of the school system, this movie was an inspirational movie, about how people that integrate at first hate one another, but soon are brought together for the passion that all people had in common, the love for football. During the movie my favorite part was when the team is at training camp, Coach Boone, the new african american coach, took all his boys to a remote area to have camp, to get away from all the hate in their town. So, once they are there they have early morning, intense practices and then of course required bonding time with a person of the other race. But my favorite part of the movie was when they were in the middle of practice, and they run through a play with music setting in the background, then after the african american running back Petey gets hit he falls and with him he loses the football. Watching this part of the movie and listening to what Coach Boone said to him and treated him like he would treat anyone else is a crucial part in this movie, because Boone put all
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