My Favorite Food Brings Me Comfort And Satisfaction

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Feelings are universal, but what makes them so interesting is how uniquely they can be perceived from individual to individual. A trigger can spark a feeling in one person that may not faze another. Take something as simple as food for example. My favorite food brings me comfort and satisfaction, while that same food may not appeal or interest somebody else. However farfetched it may seem, the variety in food that is present strongly resembles the variety of religions that exist. Everyone has their own preference that invokes feelings as a result. Roy Robson of Think World Religions helps better express this idea with the statement, “Religions often develop shared experiences that produce emotional responses in people” (15). These…show more content…
Being able to relate to someone that is so honored and wise gives the hope that it can also be individually achieved. This connects so strongly with me because of my own religion. I am a Catholic, my God is held so highly above everything else that it is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around ever being able to be like him. This is because of all the stories in the Bible of his miracles and the idea of him being a holy trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) all in one at the same time. This places him on a level that seems unreachable and shifts the focus on the relationship with him instead of with the self like in Buddhism. I feel like that is why it is so difficult to keep up with the prayers, following His word, and living as He says we are supposed to, because no matter how much I love and respect Him I feel like I will never be able to identify on a personal level with Him. He is higher than any other. This is why it is so easy for me to fall into the temptations that stray me away from my religion because it is what he speaks against; no matter how hard I try I won’t come close to what he stands for, which affects my faith. There are always obstacles that must be overcome when it comes to something that an individual really yearns for, temptation is my obstacle in faith, and is also present in Buddhism. This concept of
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