My Favorite Football Vs Football

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My two favorite sports to play are football and golf. They both are ways that I can relieve stress and have fun. Golf is a very peaceful sport, and I love the peace and serenity when I am out on the course. Watching the sunset over the last hole and enjoying the wildlife is very relaxing. I also enjoy the challenge of trying to control a little white ball and keeping it in narrow fairways. Football helps me relieve stress in a much different way. In football, I am able to take out any anger or frustration by hitting someone really hard. Football is also a very exciting sport. The amount of adrenaline on Friday nights in the locker room and out on the field is an experience like no other. I will never forget my memories made playing each of these sports, as they have given me opportunities of a lifetime. First, in terms of physical demands, there is a huge difference between each sport. The amount of contact in each sport is a prime example. In football, it is impossible to avoid physical contact, as it is a very aggressive sport with hard hits happening every play. There is also a difference in injuries within each sport. In football, injuries are much more severe. “Football is the leading sport in concussions. Other common injuries include broken bones, torn ACL and MCL’s and shoulder injuries (SOURCE THIS).” There is also a difference in training. Training for football includes intense running drills, weight lifting, hitting and blocking drills, and many team building

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