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I would have to say my favorite Gemstone is the Opal. I have always loved Gemstones and when I was about twelve years old I remember looking through a birthstone chart in a magazine and seeing that my birthday stone was an Opal. I told my grandmother that I wanted a birthstone necklace for my birthday, but I didn't want the plain old white one, I want the beautiful ruby one in the picture, after all red is my favorite color and I loved how pretty it sparkled even in the picture. My grandmother said if I wanted a birthstone necklace that she would get me my actual birthstone which is Opal, and that I should be proud of that stone because it was special to me because it's the special stone for a special month. I had no idea what she was…show more content…
I also discovered when learning more about the Opal that it's not actually a mineral like I previously thought. It is actually classified as a mineraloid and the different stones are usually contain 6%-10% water, and 97% of all Opals com from Australia.

I found that there is a myth that was in a novel written by Sir Walter Scott, that claimed Opals were a stone of bad luck, which is completely false. Quite the opposite in fact, Opals are a luck bringing stone. They are not just the birthstone of October, Opal is also the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift, and is said to be represent the God Cupid. This makes perfect sense since a wedding anniversary represents a couples union and love, and Cupid unites couples and is the Roman God of love.

Opals are said to contain the energy of all the elements and can be used in almost all magickal workings. It amplifies the anything that it's used with and can amplify the energy of the person who wears this stone during magickal workings. Opals have both projective and receptive energies.

Upon further research the Opal is also used to recall past lives. This is a favored stone for opening the third eye and a lot of people wear Opal jewelery to help facilitate this. Fire Opals are said

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