My Favorite Hymn is 'In Christ Alone'

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While many Christian hymns date back to the early church, the two songwriters of “In Christ Alone” began work in 2000 and completed their work two years later. Although it lacks historical prestige, this hymn’s grandeur, strong lyrics and musical melody elevate it to a status often only given the ancient songs. “In Christ alone” is undoubtedly a very influential hymn to many in my generation. So, because of its personal impact on my life I have chosen to name it my favorite hymn. In the autumn of 2000, songwriter Keith Getty (Irish) and musician Stuart Townend (English) met at a worship event in England. The two soon became good friends and began to write traditional hymns together. Their work includes “How Deep the Father’s Love,” “My First Love,” and “The King of Love.” However their most famous hymn by far is “In Christ Alone.” The hymn’s writer Stuart Townend wanted to express the theme of the life, death and resurrection of Christ and His ultimate sufficiency (Townend). Once released, “In Christ Alone” did just that, gaining immediate popularity among traditional Christian music purists as well as fans of more contemporary Christian music. In 2003, a contemporary Christian group, The Newsboys, released a version of “In Christ Alone” in their album “Adoration: The Worship Album” that topped the Christian Music charts in the United States. Christian groups Phillips, Craig, and Dean, and Avalon…

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