My Favorite Inheritance Essay

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My Favorite Inheritance I have always grown up with a close family; literally, everyone knows everyone’s business. I mean I never found myself particularly fond of this, but it is also comforting. We would share everything and do anything for one another. Once my great grandmother passed away she is sure to leave each child in our family with something to remember her by for the rest of their life. We all enjoyed what she left to us in one way or another. Some received furnishings, photographs, or family heirlooms, I received a simple necklace. I wondered why just a necklace why not something more, I mean I was grateful, but still I pondered on, “Why this necklace?” It is nothing extravagant, but just a simple pendent on a chain. I…show more content…
Then it all came back to me and I exclaimed, “This is it, this it this is the necklace the one from when I was a little girl!” Once I realized she remembered I was over joyed it must have been ten years since I last saw it, but she remembered and I am glad I did too. It still is important to me and she must have known that, I recall when I would sit on her lap and be oh so joyous she would tell me silly little jokes and about how much she loved her family. I would play with her necklace and she would tell me what a beautiful girl I was and young lady I am becoming. It is one of the many memories instilled into my head by her. Every time I feel I need some luck or sense of security I reflect on that memory, but now that she is no longer around I believe she left it so I could feel that way all the time. I try my hardest to be sure I put it on every day I wouldn’t know what to do without it. Some days when I really am thinking heavily of her I look down at my necklace and smile. I never though a little trinket could bring so much joy especially with how I got it. I cannot even fathom not owning it or if I would have received something else. If I could get by with never taking it off, I would not even dare do it. It is the keeper of many happy times sad times, but a great gift a great thing to pass on to my children as well. I would greatly hate myself if anything were to ever, I repeat ever happen to it. Whenever my day seems to be heading in the
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