My Favorite Memories Of Reading

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Ever since I was a tiny first grader, reading was something that was never my favorite thing in the world. Sure, I would sit with the rest of the class on the carpet and listen to my first grade teacher read a story, but I’d always look forward to it being over. For a while, reading was a subject that I respected, but I never had a desire for it. The journey I’ve made from sitting on that rug with my first-grade class to now is something that I’m really proud of, and that journey is remarkable to look back on. Expectedly, I’ve had some fond memories and some frustrating ones too. I remember in first grade, I would read so rapidly that once I had finished reading a passage, I didn’t even understand what I had just read. Of course, we all used to think that it was a race to see who could finish reading first. But in reality, it was more about comprehending the text and being able to explain it. I recall sitting at my desk, reading a piece of literature in front of my parents at conferences. After I had finished reading it, my teacher asked what I had just read. Surprisingly enough, I couldn’t really explain what I had just read. As you could imagine, I felt defeated and I was embarrassed to fail in front of my family. Luckily, I learned that I had to slow down and actually pay attention to what I was reading. Some of the better memories have been being able to finally read a book independently and being able to talk about it by myself. The freedom of being able to read
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