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My favorite movie of all time is Se7en. Two lead detectives played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pit, try to catch a serial killer name John Doe (played by Kevin Spacey) who is obsess with the seven deadly sins. By using these sins, he will torture and even kill people to represent their deadly sin. The concept of the movie and the legendary actors, and the dramatization made this movie my favorite movie. But also, I learn a lot about the villain John Doe. His mindset behind these murders, made me understand the notion of criminology. His actions and decisions help answered some of our basic questions; like why would he commit this crime, and what possess him to commit those crime? In the movie, John Doe is a very intelligent man, who loved to play mind games to the detectives. He will get inside detectives heads many times, and was very strategic about his plans. Detectives could not find any trace of criminal background, or just his background in general. John Doe even slice his fingertips, to make sure detective have no fingerprint to trace. His goal throughout the whole movie was to make a point about society and the sins that is committed everyday by people. He also wanted to be known to the world for his crime that he committed and make everybody know who is John Doe. But not only who he is, but the evil that is seen every day but nobody is doing nothing about it. He explains in one of the most famous monologue in movie history. “Only in a world this shitty could you even

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