My Favorite Movie Essay

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Every person can relate to being asked the question: “What’s your favorite movie?”. Most of the time this is a very tricky question for people to answer, simply because there are so many viable options to chose from. Strangely enough, if you were to ask a movie director or producer what their favorite films are, they’d give you a straightforward and honest answer consisting of only one or a few different titles that come to mind. As strange as it sounds, directors who have grown up or become accustomed to the Film Industry usually have strong set opinions and perspectives that tend to reflect in their own projects and exploits, even though they are continually surrounded by all sorts of inspirations and potential influencers. Contrary to what you might expect, these directors, editors, producers, and creators tend to remain very set in their ways and adapt their works into forms of reflectives stemming from their everyday perspective. My own aunt, Devin Adair, has worked in the film industry for nearly two decades, during which she has spent time in commercial, television, independent and studio film markets, finally chasing her own dream of creating her own masterpiece of film. Her, like many before, came into the industry bright-eyed and hopeful, awaiting the great and many potential opportunities. But she came to realize that the road leading there would have many twists and turns, each producing more and more speed bumps along the way. Her story is one of battling

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