My Favorite Movie : The Count Of Monte Christo

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My favorite movie/play is: The Count of Monte Christo. It is a book turn into play, there are also a few movies about the play. The movie is about treason around time Napoleon Bonaparte where in hiding from French officials. It centers around a young prospect man name Edmond Dantes who was on his way to the top even though he didn’t know how to read and write, he got framed from his best friend Fernand Montego, crew member Danglars, and magistrate De Villefort and sent to prison (The Chateau D’if) where no one ever come back. He befriended an older intellectual priest from Italy name Abbe Faria who taught him everything in life even sword skills. Even help him figure out why he was in prison. Old man Faria died in prison the guards put…show more content…
I love the intensity of watching two teams going head to head, with the scores even at the last two minutes of the game, then all players anticipate on scoring the last point to win the game. I like to know is basketball become soft now compare to 20 years ago. What happened to all the trash talk that used to happen between players. Will Chicago ever get back to being a winning team? I would like to say that my favorite amusement park is LEGOLAND, where kids can be kids and be creative. Kids have fun even when it is raining, it has been said that at Legoland Florida there is never a day without rain. My family and I did enjoy our stay when we visited, there were many of indoor activities that the children took part on, the indoor playground, indoor theatre and so on. Beautiful structures build with Lego blocks, there were so many beautiful well put together Lego design: the popular cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, Orlando. There were ford explorer SUV with every block carefully put together, if standing at a distance it would appear to look like a real vehicle. Third is you meet and interact with people all around the world and since it’s a day of fun in the sun or rain, every family make the best of it. What I would like to know about Legoland is when is a good time to go without rain. I think Legoland should have their own weather forecast, I
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