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The Mid-Wilshire area is the most diverse neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, with the highest dissimilarity index of 0.755. This is clearly seen since the population is made up of 33.6% White, 22.7% African American, 19.8% Asian, and 19.9% Latino. Although my neighborhood is located right next to Koreatown, it is quite secluded from the city and the park is in the middle of a residential area. I decided to choose this area and more specifically this park because it’s where I grew up and spent most of my childhood. This neighborhood is my favorite in all of Los Angeles and I can see myself living here once I finish school.

It’s 11:00am on November 12, 2017, 70 degrees and sunny, a typical beautiful day in Los Angeles. I decided to begin my journey from the corner of 8th street and Windsor boulevard, the block I grew up on. I walked south on Windsor so I can pass by the park and eventually make a lap around the park. While on Windsor, I passed by my apartment building, and I could smell the authentic Korean BBQ cuisine coming from there. There are a fair number of Koreans living on my street, and according to Massey, “[They’re] found in a [comparatively] small number of metropolitan areas.” To be more specific, the Korean community is very close, a great example is that there are over hundreds of Korean BBQ restaurants in Koreatown, multiple on the same block and they’re all making great business.
As I pass my parent’s home, I have a short encounter with my neighbor, an elder Korean lady who was walking her dog, she had a small Pomeranian, the cutest thing on the block. I just asked her how she was doing and kept on walking. As I get closer to the park, I noticed the various trees scattered around the block, mainly palm trees, the famous tree of Los Angeles. I enjoy walking around in my neighborhood because there’s tons of shade and it is always quiet. The only time it’s loud is when there are movie and TV sets, and there are quite a few of those throughout the year.

I finally arrive to the park, the first thing I notice are a group of 6 Latino kids playing soccer on a small portion of the grass, there isn’t much space since they’ve added huge rocks in random spots to prevent kids from playing

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