My Favorite Part About The Lake

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Beep! Beep! We hop out of the car, set up our tent, and unpacked everything. My family and I are in Vermont camping with our cousins and their friends. Dad and mom are starting dinner while Rachel, Grant, Evan, and I are unpacking all of our things. We have been coming to Emerald Lake for three years now. My cousins have been doing it for longer. Our campsite is at the top of a mountain and on the bottom of the mountain, there is a path that leads to a lake. My favorite part about the lake is there is an island in the middle, and on the island there is a rope swing. I love going off it, but it always takes me a while to get enough courage to jump off. Almost everyone jumps off. Even the youngest children who are eight years old. Mom calls…show more content…
We continue to play the game.
The quiet time at the campsite is ten o’clock, and it is now ten o’clock. The parents come back over and tell us we need to head back to our own campsites. My mom, sister, and I will go and brush our teeth in the bathroom first, while the boys stay at the campsite. In the bathroom, we see all the other girls getting ready to go to bed. There are only two sinks in the bathroom, so we have to share the sink with everyone. The bathroom smells like the outside mixed with a gross bathroom smell. Once we finished brushing our teeth, we head on back to the campsite, and then the boys go to the bathroom.
Rachel and I are sharing our own little tent by ouself, and Mom, Dad, Grant, and Evan share a big tent. Rachel and I get changed, then try to get comfortable on top of our mattresses. Whenever we go camping, Rachel calls the warmest and comfiest sleeping bag, and everyone else just gets a normal sleeping bag. Inside the tent, the temperature is not that cold, so I only wear my feet pajamas without a sweatshirt. Rachel and I say good night and try and fall asleep. I twist, I turn, I squirm, but I do not get comfortable. Everything was quiet until, bursts of laughter uproared from silence. What is wrong with them!? I ask myself. “Rachel, I think those people are drunk…” I tell Rachel. “No ding dong, I’m pretty sure that was Jacob and Jillian.” Oops! Jacob and Jillian are Uncle Rob’s friends who came with us.I felt my face
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