My Favorite Part Of Elementary School

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Cars that drive themselves, grocery shopping online that arrives right to your door, and copious amounts of forms of communication; we are living in a world of advancing technology. Each generation will have different social experiences than the last. Technology is changing rapidly, and teachers are trying to figure out how to incorporate this technology into their classrooms to help students learning, and make the job of teaching easier. I never knew how many technology resources there were, and how many different ways you can use them. After EDU 250, I have learned how to incorporate technology in my lesson plan, and how to make learning appropriate for the 21st century. My favorite part of elementary school was going on the field trips. I went to the aquarium, the zoo, and many other places. They provide learning experiences that help the children to understand the materials being taught. Unfortunately, several schools do not have enough money to send their students on a field trip. However, technology is there to help teachers present their children the same learning experiences for free. There are virtual field trips that teachers can show the class. “They don’t replace the need-to-see content, but rather provide a foundational experience to ask questions and prepare for the unit of study” (Noonoo S., 2016, p.3). When I become a teacher, I will use this tool to help students understand the material in more depth. For example, if I was to teach the class about a
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