My Favorite Place At The Lisbon Lepper Library

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First of all, community service elicits compassion and understanding otherwise difficult to view in everyday life. When volunteering to help organizations, causes, or people one 's time is not being used for just a singular outcome but several diverse establishments. Not only do efforts aid in promoting positive impacts in one 's society but also in one 's own character.
I frequently chose to volunteer at the Lisbon Lepper Library, a public library where copious amounts of people choose to spend their free time, because I was able to aid in various departments and interact with diverse groups of patrons. My favorite place to contribute to in the library was the Children 's Department due to the enthusiasm and need apparent in those patrons. I had the honor of meeting hundreds of children through my volunteer work, all of which carried unique burdens but always wore a smile and were able to put one on me too. Two young girls in particular were inspiring to me. These girls each came from difficult circumstances; yet, when together appeared to never have experienced a worry. Although, I would be helping the department put on educational programs for the patrons there was not a time when those two girls did not find a way to teach me something too. Whether they came racing up to share interesting facts they found in the nonfiction section, a topic they enjoyed at school that day, or a trick they learned from their friends their appreciation of knowledge and their excitement to…
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