My Favorite Place At The World Is The State Of Oregon

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My favorite place in the world is the state of Oregon. The reason for this being my favorite place is because of how green and simply beautiful this place is. I have had the fortune of getting to visit this state twice. I even took a train ride home from Washington through Oregon down to California. I must add the scenery is seriously beautiful. I have never seen so many trees in my life. The name Oregon means windstorm or hurricane. The reason they gave it this name is because of the powerful chinook winds of the Columbia River that blows through this state. I also wanted to do this place because they are known for their cheese and ice cream from the Tillamook brand. They also have a lot of wild berries growing and have about 80 national parks you can visit. In Cannon Beach there is the famous Haystack rock. Haystack rock is 235 ft tall and is home to wildlife. It also has made great tidepools full of marine life. Crater lake happens to be the deepest lake in the United States and the second deepest in all of North America. It also ranks number 9 in the world. The way this massively deep lake was formed was due to the collapse of a volcano ,known as Mount Mazama. Its max depth is 1.949ft. Oregon consists of 6 different areas. The coast, Klamath mountains , Willamette lowlands,Cascade Mountains, Columbia Plateau , and the basin and range region. The Pacific shoreline of Oregon is bordered by narrow coastal plains of sandy beaches, luxuriant

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