My Favorite Reading Class

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While sitting in my counselors office, I wasn’t exactly excited about a reading class. I figured, it’d be a boring class, just spending your time reading and then annotating a nightmare of pages. I didn’t want either literature class that was offered to me but I choose Pop Lit because I knew a friend of mine was taking it. When I first stepped into the room, I felt a lot calmer after a hectic first day of school. Not only that, but the class wa relatively calm when I came in. Mrs. Ghelfi welcomed us to the class and passed out our plan for the class and what she expected us to do during our semester here. Now, I wasn’t exactly a big reader you could say, but I had a specific genre of books I liked and choose to read in class. Pop. Lit is such an excellent class, I’m glad I choose it. Not only did I expand my reading vocabulary, but I was introduced to other books I never thought I would read. I never thought I would a memoir, yet alone one about a dysfunctional family. Out of all the exciting assignments in class such as a book trailer, or creating a soundtrack to your book, my favorite was our graded discussions. I know a lot of my peers disliked this assignment, but I truly loved it. We, being the group that you get to choose, would take notes on the book that was chosen from Mrs. Ghelfi’s wonderful suggestions and discuss topics from our book. I got expand the genre’s that I find interesting which now includes memoirs. While reading your book, I would suggest to keep
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