My Favorite Reading Essay

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I can’t lie, reading isn’t one of my favorite but you got to know how to read to get through life. As I get older i’m finally realizing why it was so important for me to learn how to read,being in high school has definitely been a challenge learning big word and also as you get older you are exposed to more and more bigger words. Reading is something I have not been the greatest in since I was a little kid,I remember being a 6th grader on a 4th grader reading level when we took star reading test. Taking those tests was very discouraging to me I used to make up every excuse on why not to take that test,because I knew I wasn’t gonna do good enough on them. Reading in elementary school had it up, I loved going to the library as a class to go check out books and things. Some of my favorite books from my childhood was “Amelia Bedelia” Series , “David Goes to School” Series, and “Clifford the Big Red Dog Series. The only reason I really liked these books were because they were short and had lots of picture. I love books with pictures because i’m a very visual person and like to see things up and close. Reading books with pictures have really helped me in high school,because I’m beginning to find the urge to read more and lately I have really been interesting in finding new books to read. One of the main reason why I think reading hasn’t been a really big part of my life is because my mom or dad don’t like to read either, I mean my mom will read if she has to but she really
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