My Favorite Reading In The Great Gatsby

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My favorite memory of 6th period English 11 is analyzing the novel The Great Gatsby. This novel is, without a doubt, my most favored book that I have read in all of high school. Embarrassingly, I will admit that I have probably watched Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation too many times and will be rereading this novel for my summer reading. In the novel, I adored the intricate details that author F. Scott Fitzgerald applied in his novel and how he was able to present his various themes through thoughtful literary devices. Through analyzing this novel with my peers, I truly realized that literature is ambiguous and can be perceived in many different ways to many different people and that there is never one cut and dry answer to anything. I believe the best skill that I developed in Mrs. Battey’s class is definitely essay writing. I state this because since the 7th grade, I knew and came to terms with the fact that I was not a gifted writer. As a result, I would constantly receive scores in the 70% range, plus or minus 8% here and there, from middle school to the end of 10th grade. Although, from our first essay on The Crucible back in September to our most recent – the 1930’s Synthesis Essay – I have greatly improved my skills as a writer, and consequently, my essay scores have drastically improved. I fully attribute this development to this class and to my teacher because they truly aided me in blossoming into a more proficient essay writer and especially into one
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