My Favorite Sport Is Soccer

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A. As far as I remember I became involved in sports since I was 6 or seven.
It all began with family reunions at the park. My family would play soccer and baseball but it was seeing them have fun what caught my interest in sports. I used to cheer for whichever team my dad was playing in.
B. My favorite sport is soccer and volleyball. When I was younger I remember watching soccer games with my family and screaming loud and proudly when my favorite soccer team scored however, I would also get super mad when my favorite team would lose or when they would get a yellow/ red card. While growing up I also remember watching boxing matches at my godfather house. I would sit there and watch boxers hit each other and bleed from their faces. As a
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The most exciting thing was making the school proud every time we won a game. Some games were tough but we always kept a positive mind and prepared ourselves for the next game. The most powerful things about these two sports was the ability to make new friends and learn from one another.
B.The main goal we wanted was to make our school proud. In the beginning of the season we all established an individual and a team 's goal. Our individual goals were based on things we wanted to accomplish during the season. We had a partner that would hold us accountable and evaluate our progress. Each partner had to keep the other person accountable for accomplish their own goal. Some of my teammates goals were developing new skills while others was just wanted to get along with other team players. At the end of the day we all had to show progress and keep working hard to achieve these goals. Our success was be united as one and become a better team. I can say form experience that these two values go hand in hand because in a team you always want to see progress and succeed in the thing you love doing. Competition is also a key value because without I wouldn 't be able to push myself to achieve great things. We have to compete with other teams and with one another to make ourselves stronger within the sport industry but, we also have to stand out from our teammates without pushing them down. Success is the most
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