My Favorite Sport

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My favorite sport is soccer that is also known as football in Europe and most of the parts of the world. It is hugely popular game in the world and this is why it is the most played game of the world and almost all the countries of the Europe have their own football leagues and the Barclays premier league of England is the most widely watched league of all, even in the countries that don’t have a proper football setup and team like India and Pakistan. Other countries of different continents also have their own leagues but that are not very much popular around the world. This game has everything for people of all the age groups and that is why it is widely played, followed and liked all around the world.
Football is one of the most ancient game of the world and there are proofs that this game was played in one form or another in many old civilizations and this can be seen the portraits and paintings of these old civilizations in which people were seen playing football and this is probably the biggest reason due to which the game is very popular around the world and is played all around the world and it has been transferred to each other through generations.
There are some problems that can be associated with this game and the biggest one of them is racism. Even after all these years and fight against racism the plague of racism has not been completely removed from the game of the football and events of racism can be seen after every few days. Few of the biggest names
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