My Favorite Time Has Come !

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Many would think she was mean and sarcastic twenty-four hours a day -well she was- but she only wanted us to respect her so we could learn to love and appreciate English. “Your favorite time has come! Anyone wants to make a guess?! It’s time to write an essay!” Of course Ms.L would end class with a comment like this. I always did my English homework because she was a bit intimidating when you didn’t finish the homework she had assigned, but an essay? I glance at the paper thrown to my table and the only words that catch my eye are “personal and minimum: 1000 words.” I run my hands over my face back and forth, but it also feels like someone is hitting my chest with a baseball back and forth. This is definitely not my favorite time of the year, it’s not even funny. It’s silly to say but we don’t like people to know who we really are because it’s just another weakness they use against us. Almost everyone in high school hated to have to share, whether it was something personal or not. After she told us we had to write about a personal experience, I couldn’t stop my mind from going to past events, events that I didn’t want to bring back. As my mom is leaving my school’s parking lot, I stare out my window towards my English classroom. “Que pasa mija?” my mom asks matching my worried face. She can always tell when something is wrong, “it’s nothing I can’t handle” I reassure my mom before she has just another thing to stress about. I look over to the time on the car’s radio and it
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