My Favorite Toys Growing Up

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Chapter 1: My Favorite Toys Growing up Growing up, I went through many phases of toys.One of the first toys I liked were With Nerf Guns. My uncle bought me a huge gun for my birthday, and I didn 't really use it that much since the gun was as just as tall as me at the time. I went to the store and saw a lot of guns , so I bought some smaller guns that I could actually hold. At home I would play with my dad and friends and we would just shoot each other and run around. To this day I don 't play with my guns anymore because I grew out of it and started liking another toy.. My next phase was a major part of me growing up and it was Pokemon. For Pokemon I was addicted to everything about it, from the show, to the video games, the cards, and even the books! I started liking Pokemon in first grade when I saw my mom playing it on a Gameboy. In second grade my parents bought me a DS with Pokemon, and my eyes couldn 't be separated from my DS. Each year I would upgrade to the newest DS, and get the newest Pokemon versions that would come out. Playing Pokemon led to my next favorite Video Game Consoles, The Xbox and Ps4. I started off with an Xbox 360 which I got in 6th grade. The games that I mainly played were the sports games Madden and Nba 2k. I had the Xbox until 8th grade, which then my parents got me the brand new Ps4.

Chapter 2: My Neighborhood

Twelve years out of my life I have lived in the same house and neighborhood. In…

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