My Favorite Trip

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Florida is a state that is very special to me. I have always enjoyed my many visits, but one trip in particular stands out as my favorite. Ever since I was ten years old, I have enjoyed SCUBA diving with my family. We have done it many times, and it is one of my favorite hobbies. In the Summer of 2016, my father and I took an unforgettable trip centered around it. We drove down to Fort Myers and got aboard a dive boat headed to the Dry Tortugas, a small island chain to the west of the Keys. Not only did we enjoy the diving and spearfishing, but we had a great time on the journey down. We began our journey by spending a night at my grandparents’ house in Savannah, Georgia. Their house has always been a constant in my life, seeming more familiar than some houses I have lived in myself. I enjoyed visiting my family there as always, and it was great to start off the trip with such a familiar location. The next day, we headed to Florida. We stopped by my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Ocala, and had dinner with them. It was good to see more of my family, and share a good meal with them. That night, we drove from Ocala to Orlando, where we would spend the night. When it was finally time to sleep, I was kept awake by my father’s incredibly loud snoring in the other room. I finally fell asleep around midnight, only to be woken up by an alarm at two in the morning. There was much commotion in the hallway, as everyone was leaving the building by stairs. Many people were scared, as the
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