My Favorite Year Of Middle School

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Oh, seventh grade, what a year to remember. That was actually my favorite year of middle school. At home during this time was a mess and my grades also plummeted but I think going to school took some stress off because I was taking some time to "myself" and forgetting for a while about my home situation. Seventh grade, I would say was a year of friends for me. I had and still to this day have a friend from kindergarten that I considered a best friend. Until a new girl came along, let 's call her Patricia. Patricia basically took "my spot" I guess in fifth grade while I was off at my new school for the year. Anyway speeding forward to seventh grade I noticed my best friend, let 's call her Amanda, not really talking to me anymore and or passing by me in the halls without saying anything because of the usual "sorry I didn’t see you". She was still kind to me if I spoke or said hi to her, but she wasn’t going out of her way to say hello or spark a conversation. The thing I did find funny was every once in a while she would come up to me and say hi, which made me confused because It would make me think everything is starting to go back to normal but it never was. Same with Patricia, we had actually become close in sixth grade she was a very sweet girl, but she as well started doing the same thing. So I remember one day I was standing at my locker already annoyed with my last class and heard "do you want to hang out later" "sure! Right after school". Of course, it was Patricia…
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