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What is your favourite book or piece of music and why? (300 words maximum) *

My favourite book is Three Seconds written by the Swedish crime duo Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström. This is because is the novel grasps your attention from the beginning to the end, and I believe that as an Equity Researcher this is what needs to occur in the reports in addition to when speaking with clients and the sales team. I enjoyed reading every page. A book that narrates to what means a husband and father is supposed to go for what he believes is right and especially to protect his loved one. Moreover, it depicts how a man, left on his own, abandoned to his fate with will and persistence can make the most of a situation that many may classify as doomed. The book illustrates also how someone can change over time. Piet Hoffman is an ex-con who currently works for the Swedish police as an infiltrator to uncover Polish gangsters, putting himself in danger to get to the bottom of their organised crime. Related to business terms, this can be seen with the revamping of companies that are in distress, but that with a second opportunity can prosper. An example that comes to my mind is with the luxury fashionwear brand Moncler. Once, on the edge of bankruptcy and now one of the most iconic brands with a market capitalisation of approximately 6.16 billion euros.

Aside from any family members, describe a person or an experience in your life that has inspired you. How have you acted on that inspiration? (300 words maximum) *

A person that has inspired me is Alessandro Del Piero, he is my idol. My immense passion for Football arose when as a young kid I saw him play. As the years passed he has not only been a role model on the football pitch but also and especially outside of it. His loyalty and dedication are the traits that I admire the most. In 2006 after winning the World Cup with Italy he had to decide if to go play for the best teams in the world or continue playing for his childhood club, the team that made him become the player that everyone admired. It was a no-brainer for him, as he stated that “A true gentleman never leaves his lady”. In a period of crisis, of restructuring, the main player decided that loyalty and

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