My Favourite Teacher Is My Favorite Teacher

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Executive Summary This is assignment of subject Personality Development. The project title is “THE TEACHER, THE HERO”. In my studying career I have found different teacher, some will remember and some are forgotten but I would never forget that person who is my hero, my role model that is my favourite teacher in school. I have included about my favourite teacher in my school who help me in my study. He is real life hero of my life. First of all, I have written Table of contents to access in the page readers want to visit. Then I have written introduction. In introduction I have included introduction about personality and its types. Then I have written body. In body I have included about my favourite teacher personality then I have included how I feel inspire from him, how he changes my way of thinking or acting, how changes have influence in my life then I have share an interesting story with him in school. Then I have written findings. In findings I have included interviewing my favourite personality from whom I am inspired. At last I have written concluded my thoughts upon my favourite teacher. I have written how he inspire me in my life. I have…show more content…
His name is “DIPAK POUDAL”. He is my favourite teacher of my life, no one can replace him. He is a math teacher.He is already married and have a cute girl. He has a good personality. He is very helpful to the student. His thoughts, characteristics, behaviours, attitude, ideas, habits are very good. He is totally different them another teacher. He has unique style of teaching. He treats me like a friend in school when I was studying on class 8. He is very funny, sharp and simple in class but sometimes when someone talks in class while teaching he become anger. He also tells the jokes in class for making student happy which helps us in
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